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Per capita Montana probably has as many fly fishing guides as there are lawyers in California, so why hitch your vacation wagon to Ken? The best answers to that question come from his lifelong clients, and he’d love to put you in contact with them.

Ken’s secret sauce is simply Ken himself. He understands that you have many goals for this vacation, and landing a big toad is just one of them. Equally important is the precious time that you have to bond with your long-lost buddy, or that family member who you don’t see often enough. He will select a piece of water that will best allow for this in the same way that a sommelier selects a fine wine. Ken’s foodie passions will naturally encourage him to bring along an excellent gourmet lunch.

Ken is a married father of two, a former builder of custom homes, a voracious reader, a student of local history and a rabid outdoorsman. Not only will you develop a rich appreciation for the local lore, you will quickly develop a bond with Ken that will have you feeling like you’ve known him for years. Before long that will, indeed, be the case. Ken is “that guide” who everyone is proud to claim as his own.

Ken kindly requests the privilege to earn your business and introduce you to his Reel Montana.

Contact Ken at ken@reelmontana.com

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